National Suicide Awareness Day

World Suicide Prevention Day is celebrated all over the world every year on September 10th. It serves as a somber reminder of how devastating suicide is around the world. These numbers should wake you up.

Every 40 seconds, human life in this world is taken away by a suicide, which leads to a dramatic 800,000 suicides annually, possibly more, according to other estimates. Thus, this devastating rate of lives is just the part that reflects that we have to extend vigilance and responsibility in the combat of suicide.

This year in 2024, the theme is ‘Creating Hope Through Action.’ This theme highlights the amount of importance a collective effort should have in tackling the issue of suicide. 

Supportive settings that inspire constructive talks can equip individuals to seek help and not lose hope.

Combating Suicide

In the US, suicide falls within the top ten factors determining mortality in every age bracket as a testament to the all-encompassing nature of this menace. So much depends upon us opening up the conversation, creating channels of help, and initiatives of detention.

Notwithstanding the fact, things still appear to be promising. Scientific evidence proves that suicides are preventable. Therefore, we have to create awareness, provide support, and decriminalize mental health issues to save the lives of our patients.

Why National Suicide Awareness Day Matters

Why suicide is still a major issue even today, especially among the youth, and what are the root causes of this social problem? National Suicide Awareness Day is certainly not about just a specific day in the month. 

This is a day that reminds us of the importance of same-ness in mental health and suicide prevention- more so, that we should speak openly about both of these issues. When we discuss suicide, we take down the frightening walls of stigma and shame, worrying people when they could be reaching for support.

Raising Awareness and Understanding

By allocating a specific day for suicide awareness, we can support others to gain knowledge of warning signs and risk factors. From this awareness, we become knowledgeable enough to tell when a person is at their lowest, and we assist before matters get worse and become uncontrollable.

Suicides don’t only reach the person; they will also be driven to the families, friends, and even the whole community. Suicide leaves back behind grief and loss, which are more than challenging to deal with, and through raising awareness, we create a possibility to be supportive and to provide the needed resources to those who need it the most. By acting rather than merely observing, society can create an effect robust enough to make a difference.

National Suicide Awareness Day is an opportunity for everyone to be implicated and to play their part. We can all take action to prevent suicide when we realize that collectively all of us are responsible. Whether first appearing in support of a friend or vocalization of better mental health actions in our communities, every move we make is the occasion to contribute.

Statistics That Matter on National Suicide Awareness Day

National Suicide Awareness Day

Deaths by Suicide Rising – It has been found that the rate went up by 30% from 2000 to 2016, which is raising an immediate alarm over suicide in the U.S. now.

  1. 50% Increase in Suicides among Females – Given the fact that both in girls and women this trend of suicides increased by 50% between 2000 and 2016, this issue is very grave and could set a terrible precedent.
  2. Top 9th Leading Cause of Death – As the bi-eleventh leading cause of death in the U.S., it tells about the contribution made by suicide to society.
  3. 47,511 Americans to Suicide in 2019! – As 2019 witnessed the loss of lives of 47,511 Americans through suicide, the question arises about the dire need for suicide prevention programs.
  4. 38 Million Suicide Attempts – the Census reports that the United States had 1.38 million suicide attempts in 2019 which underscores the urgency to create accessible mental health support.
  5. Age-adjusted Suicide Rate of 13.93- The age-adjusted suicide rate per 100,000 people has been used by specialists as the indicator of suicide prevalence across different age groups.
  6. Suicide Rate Among Men Raised 3.63 Fold Greater Than Among Females – Women tend to have a lower suicide rate, with men 3.63 times more likely to suicide than females in the latest statistics, this clearly shows sex differences in suicide rate.
  7. 69.38% of suicide deaths by white males: The white males of 69.38% were suicide deaths in 2019, so it seems that the number of white males is increasing.
  8. In the USA (US), where 39% of all suicides were committed by firearms in 2019, the issue of gun ownership safety and suicide prevention is of the utmost priority.
  9. 93% Told Us They Think Suicide Can Be Prevented – 93% of Americans that we surveyed believe that suicide can be prevented, clearly underscoring a belief that is shared throughout the country that suicide prevention is essential.

These statistics per se show how suicide has an influence in the USA and serve as a reminder of the need for continued efforts targeting suicide prevention and mental health support.

History of National Suicide Awareness Day

The long history of National Suicide Awareness Day shows society’s developing mental health and suicide prevention views. The Surgeon General’s 1999 Call to Action to Prevent Suicide called for a national suicide prevention program. In 2003, WHO and the IASP launched the day. IASP and WHO have helped people support depressed people and raise donations for mental health programs. This grassroots approach has helped National Suicide Awareness Day grow in popularity, with events and activities worldwide raising awareness and cash for suicide prevention. A global bike event in over 40 countries raised $12,000 for suicide prevention in 2020. Through its Light a Candle Campaign, WHO has been encouraging suicide survivors to share their stories to promote hope and resilience in mental health. IASP has specialists and volunteers from approximately 77 countries, illustrating suicide prevention’s global reach. World Suicide Prevention Day events include conferences, seminars, and discussion forums to develop new suicide prevention policies and media campaigns to raise awareness and educate the public on suicide prevention tools. The 2017 song ‘1-800-273-8255,’ by rapper Logic, promoted suicide prevention. This song significantly increased suicide helpline calls, showing the power of media and prominent personalities to raise suicide awareness.  Crisis victims have received immediate support and local choices via the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline since 2005. Educational programs and campaigns like “It Gets Better” have helped suicidal persons acquire resilience and support.

Sucide Prevention Efforts

  • It is consistently informing people about suicide by arranging educational activities and explaining its causes and signs.
  • Ameliorate access to mental health care and ensure that those who are at risk have a platform for the supportive services they need.
  • Conduct training for health workers and educators to recognize and manage suicide prevention and interventions.
  • Create neighborhood programs that would be designed to inspire and promote social well-being.
  • Making crisis intervention services- hotlines and crisis centers- and developing for immediate support.

Why World Suicide Prevention Day Is Important

Each Person Is Affected By Suicide

This could lead to suicide, so be careful. Suicide has affected many people, either directly or through friends or family, according to research. World Suicide Prevention Day encourages celebration and hope, especially in hard circumstances.”

Awareness Leads to Action

World Suicide Prevention Day is focused on raising awareness and preventing suicide, but the ultimate goal is to save lives. Being aware of suicide signals and knowing how to respond can help impacted persons and avoid local suicides.

World Mental Health Day also emphasizes the need for more awareness and resources. The awareness campaign raises awareness of mental health illnesses, provides support, and reduces stigma, making it easier for suicidal people to get assistance.

Empowering People

National Suicide Awareness Day aims to help people recognize indications in themselves and others. This shows emotional intelligence and increases responsibility, which helps others and creates a compassionate society.

Taking a Stand

Volunteering at crisis call centers, participating in World Suicide Prevention Day programs, or learning about suicide prevention are great outreach options. The message is to work together to improve the world by showing empathy and making everyone feel appreciated and supported.

The goal of National Suicide Prevention Day is to improve our collective involvement in suicide prevention to help those with mental health issues and suicidal thoughts.


The Suicide Awareness Month is observed in September and the date is 10th.

Suicide Prevention Day is celebrated to raise awareness about suicide prevention and promote resources for mental health support.

The suicide awareness ribbon color is typically yellow or purple.

The slogan for Suicide Prevention Day varies, but a common one is “Take a Minute, Change a Life,” emphasizing the importance of reaching out and offering support to those in need.

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